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We are not the cheapest home inspector in southern California...and quite frankly, you do NOT want the cheapest home inspector! Think about it, there are reasons why they are the cheapest. Remember, there are no license requirements in California for home inspectors; anyone can claim to be an inspector! Would you search for the cheapest doctor? I bet you would want a good one instead.

Rest assured, we are not the most expensive either. We charge a fair price. Feel free to shop around. You might be able to find someone that is $50 - $75 cheaper but we are sure that you will end up paying far more in the long run. Don’t spend $500,000 on a home and then try to find a cheap inspection in order to “save” $50. It doesn’t make sense! Get it done right with The San Diego Home Inspector.

We strive to give every client our finest effort.  So give us a call. We think you will find that we are an incredible bargain!

prices and fees Prices

Cost of Home Inspections



less than 1000 sq ft



1000-1499 sq ft



1500-1999 sq ft



2000-2499 sq ft



2500-3000 sq ft



larger than 3000 sq ft



Please call for pricing for multi-unit housing

Additional Services

Raised Foundation / crawlspace

$75- $125

Pool / Spa on property

Additional fee applies

Granny flat (with inspection)

$75- $150

Cancellation Fee

Additional fee applies

All prices are subject to change

Price should not be the only consideration. It is more important to examine what you are getting for that price.

The Common Law of Business Balance prohibits  paying a little and getting a lot. It can not be done.

It is unwise to pay too much, but it is far worse to pay too little.

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Only one discount offer or coupon may be used for an inspection. Discounts may terminate at any time.