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Q: When should I get a home inspection?

   When buying a home, you will want to schedule a home inspection as soon as your purchase offer has been accepted. Many of the real estate contracts limit the number of days to complete a home inspection.

   When selling a home, it is best to have a pre-listing inspection before your home is listed for sale. This will help alleviate those surprise repair costs when receiving an offer.

Q: How long does a home inspection take?

   Our inspections generally take 2-3 hours; but it depends on the size of the home, the condition, the age of the home, and how many questions you might have. We are in no hurry…we’ll take the time you need.

Q: What will the inspection cover?
   A standard non-intrusive visual inspection can cover everything from the roof to the foundation. Our professional home inspection gives you an independent, unbiased view of the condition of the home you are considering purchasing.
Items that are included in the Inspection are:

Roman Historian

“Truth is confirmed by inspection and patience; falsehood by haste and uncertainty. “


Air Conditioning






Siding & Trim

Most major Appliances



Electrical System



Water Heater





Doors & Windows

Q: What Is An Inspection?
An inspection is a visual examination of the structure and systems of a building. This non-destructive exam is conducted by a real estate property inspector (home inspector). If you are thinking of buying a home or condominium, you should have it inspected by an impartial professional inspector before the end of the contingency period.

Q: May I be present at the inspection?
   Certainly. In fact, you are highly encouraged to attend the inspection. The inspection is a valuable learning experience for most home buyers. We will try to provide you with valuable insight concerning the home and its systems.

Q: What should I look for in a Home Inspector?
   Since there is no home inspection license in California, it is extremely important to find an inspector who is a member of a real estate inspection organization.
Whomever you choose as your home inspector, make certain they are an active member of a reputable home inspection organization.  We are proud members of CREIA the California Real Estate Inspectors Association (California’s elite inspection organization).  You should also look at the inspector’s qualifications and experience. And finally, you must feel the inspector is attentive of your needs.

Q: How much does your home inspection cost?

   We are NOT the cheapest…and there are good reasons. Some people post cheap prices and claim to be inspectors but are not qualified or properly trained. The state of California has no licenses or requirements for home inspectors. Anyone can print up business cards and begin presenting themselves as an inspector...and it is legal! You will NOT save money if you hire one of those “inspectors”. You do NOT want the cheapest inspector! Honestly, would you want the cheapest surgeon?

   We charge affordable and reasonable rates that are in line with industry standards and that are a good value to our clients. Also, a professional home inspector can potentially save you thousands of dollars by evaluating your potential home properly.

Q: Are you a member of a professional home inspection organization?

   Yes. We are a proud member of the California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA). Please visit for verification.

Q: Are you a Certified Home Inspector?

   Yes, we are certified through the organization: CREIA (California’s finest inspection organization).

Q: What type of report do you produce?

   Our reports are extensive and rather comprehensive written reports that address all its major systems in a home and any deficiencies discovered. Our professional report includes photographs, maintenance tips, noted deficiencies, recommendations, and more. We deliver our professional reports electronically or in print form and in most cases, on the same day as the inspection. For a sample report, download an example at our sample report page.

Q: What if I have questions after the inspection?
   You can call us and discuss any aspect of the report. Remember, we like helping people.

Q: How do I schedule an inspection?
   You can give us a call. We answer our phone from about 7am to 7pm You can also schedule an inspection with our online schedule a home inspection form.


We are a Certified CREIA Inspector Training by ITA - Inspector Training Associates - Kaplan