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With no government licensing, the home inspection industry is wide open to anyone who wants to claim to be an inspector.

Look at their qualifications!

Our Qualifications

Certification from an elite organization

FYI: the California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA) is among the finest home inspection organization in California. They are selective and have difficult membership requirements.


Some inspectors receive their training from online diploma mills. Incidentally, we received our training from the esteemed Kaplan school.  

Independent of real estate offices

You want an inspector that represents you. We are not affiliated with real estate offices.


We are committed to continual learning by educating ourselves in a vast variety of home inspection topics. We produce professional reports, not simple checklists like many others. We treat our customers right. Check out our reviews.

Construction expertise

Some home inspectors have very limited or no construction experience. (Remember, the only requirement to becoming a “inspector” is to print up business cards). Our inspector has been involved in the residential construction industry.

Customer Service Oriented

We are in the customer service business! We strive to exceed our clients expectation.

Why choose our Home Inspection Services?

Because we are highly qualified…

Thorough, Certified, Professional, Honest


*contingent on other factors

In California there is no government licensing for home inspection. This leaves the home inspection industry vulnerable (more like, wide open) to unscrupulous, unreliable, unqualified individuals claiming to be home inspectors. The unaware consumer has much to be concerned about.  

Purchasing a home is probably the biggest investment of your life. You will need skillful professionals to help guide you through the home buying process. A professional home inspector is a crucial to your home purchasing success. In choosing a home inspector you should look for several fact, compare any inspector to our qualifications.

Our Qualifications

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