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The San Diego Home has put together a list of 10 things you can do to help you sell your home. We hope this resource will help your house stand out from the other homes on the market and help it sell faster. Doing these things will cost a few dollars but we believe you will get your money back and more when you sell your home. We truly hope that this list will help you turn your “For Sale” into a “Sold”.

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1. Get a Realtor or agent
Get help from a professional. Get a good real estate agent to help you sell your home. Check references and associations to make certain you are getting someone with the skill to sell your property.

2. Get a Pre-listing Inspection
Home inspections aren’t just for the buyers. A pre-listing inspection gives the seller a head start in the house-selling process. A home inspection will help the seller discover any potential ‘deal-breakers” before the buyers have a chance to uncover any. The home inspector helps the seller determine what inexpensive maintenance repairs can be done to make the property more desirable. Find the best Home Inspection firm in your area. A pre-listing inspection can give the seller an edge over the competition.

3. Touch up the paint
A fresh coat of paint is the fastest, most cost-effective way to update the look of your home. Consider using neutrals rather than bright colors that appeal only to you. Don’t overlook the exterior trim that is in need of touch up paint.

4. Reduce clutter
To prepare your house for sale, you must reduce the amount of clutter in a home. Remove stacks of papers, toys, excessive furniture, and anything that make rooms feel smaller. Many homes contain too much furniture. Rid your house of all but a few family photographs and collectibles. Try to make your home restful on the eyes.

5. Perform routine maintenance
Attempt to exceed a buyer’s expectations from the very beginning. A well-maintained home helps to build buyer confidence and trust. Clean the interior of the house. Paint the things that need paint. Change your furnace filter. Make certain your landscaping is spruced up.  All of these things will help support the value of your home.

6. Look objectively at your home
Try to see your home as others will see it. Be as objective as possible when evaluating your decorating style. Will others find your kid’s art appealing? Are your furnishings horribly dated? You may want to ask an objective 3rd party about the appearance of your home.

7. Use ‘Aromatherapy’
Our sense of smell is directly related to the emotions we feel. Try adding a wonderful scent to make your house feel like a home. You can use scents that have a broad appeal like fresh baked cookies, fresh-brewed coffee or cinnamon. However, avoid scented sprays that cause buyers to wonder what you’re trying to cover up.

8. Thoroughly clean your house

Do it yourself or you can hire a professional cleaning crew for a few hundred bucks. In either case, cleaning your home makes it much more inviting and gives the perception of more value. Don’t overlook cleaning your carpets.

9. Brighten with lighting

Open up drapes and turn on lights. You may want to buy a few mood lighting fixtures to further add to atmosphere. A brighter home shows better and is perceived as more pleasant.

10. Update on a Budget

Replace the old kitchen faucet, buy a new shower curtain, or add some fresh living plants. There are many small things you can do that will add to the value of your home…without breaking the bank.

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